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When Is the Best Time to Visit to Costa Rica?

If you are an individual living in a colder climate region, then I bet you can’t wait to go explore Costa Rica. However, it depends upon the person that what whether suits him best. Normally, there are many visitors here during the holiday season or on New Year’s Eve. But it’s best to visit it during sunny days to experience more adventure.

In this article, you will discover the best time to visit Costa Rica.

Surft Camp, South Pacific, Costa Rica

Types of Seasons

Firstly, you need to understand the types of seasons existing in Costa Rica. So, they are two types: Dry season and rainy season.

Dry Season (The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica)

The dry season is usually the best time to visit Costa Rica since there are tons of great places you can explore without rain ruining your day. This is the time when you’ll explore snowbirds heading towards the tropics, sandy shorelines, beaches, fascinating rain forests, wildlife, parks, and beautiful sunlight causing your seaside view to sparkle.

This season lasts from December to April. Tourists try to come to Costa Rica during this season since it’s among their favorites. As per the events are concerned, they occur a lot during this season. This includes carnivals, music festivals, shows, bullfights, dancing, and live shows.

Although the weather is nice, sunny, and dry, the temperature differs in specific regions of this country. For example, thick forests existing in the “Northern Plains” and “Caribbean Sea coast” will have a high humidity ratio and temperature lasting from the 70s to 80s. However, in the “North Pacific”, you’ll face lower humidity levels with a temperature of 90s respectively.

Drawbacks of Dry Season

The rates at this season are relatively higher as compared to the rainy season. For example, the tickets, charges, expenses, flight rates would be higher having less to no discount offered. Also, temperature varies from region to region in this country. Therefore, there is a chance you might experience a seriously hot climate at some places that might become unbearable. Make sure to apply sunscreen.

Rainy Season 

The rainy season, also known as the “green season,” is a time when it’s rainy weather. It’s not too bad, it’s just that rain might disturb your vacation. This season occurs from May to November and sometimes till mid-December. The weather during this time is quite enjoyable, and the rainforests and other natural scenery are quite fresh and green. There are fewer tourists, less crowd and places are peaceful to explore.

Events at this season occur less however, you’ll be able to celebrate Independence Day, Limon carnival, fiestas, and more. Travel rates and expenses are relatively cheaper as compared to the dry season, and discounts are also available for tourists.

Drawbacks of Rainy Season

Hanging Bridges at Monteverde Costa Rica

There is seldom rain mostly the whole day or some days during this season. Also, unpaved roads are impossible to travel which can cause a huge hurdle during a visit to remote areas. If you find yourself comfortable during the rainy season, then you can visit otherwise you are not guaranteed a fantastic vacation.

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