Costa Rica During the Rainy Season

What Clothes Should I Pack to Visit Costa Rica During the Rainy Season?

The most important thing to remember while packing for a trip to Costa Rica is that it all depends on where you’re going when you’re going, and what you’re going to do. There are around 27 microclimates in Costa Rica, so don’t just pack your shorts and flip-flops only. You don’t want to be caught in a sudden deluge in the mountains with nothing to wear but shorts and tank tops.

Costa Rica’s weather can change dramatically during the rainy season. Therefore, we have prepared an article for you to know what clothes you should pack up during the rainy season in Costa Rica.

Cloths To Pack at Different Locations

Many of our suggestions are based on personal experience since we know what it’s like to travel across the nation during the rainiest month and go up a volcano during a rainstorm.

1. At The Beach

If you’re going to the beach, bring summer attire like swimsuits, flip flops, tank tops, and shorts because the temperatures will be in between the 90s and high 80s. Although it does not get cold at night, it is a good idea to bring a pair of long pants or a light jacket in case it rains. The South Pacific and the Caribbean are significantly more humid than the North Pacific, so bring some quick-drying clothing, such as Nike “dry-fit” respectively.

2. At The Mountains or Cloud Rain Forests    

Long sleeve shirts, a sweater, closed-toe shoes, socks, and long pants are required for visits to the highlands or cloud forests. It can become extremely chilly at night and when it rains, so dress appropriately. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Costa Rica was 15 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius) in Chirripo National Park in the Talamanca Mountain Range. During the rainy season, it can drop down to the 60s F in the cloud forests like Monteverde. Therefore, bring a warm jacket and long pants along with you. For Arenal, don’t forget to bring rain gear.

3. At The City

It does not get as chilly in the city as it does in the high mountains, but it does get cool. Long pants, a sweater, socks, and closed-toe shoes are recommended. The Central Valley offers a pleasant climate all year, and you can curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate or tea during the rainy season. The city gets cold at night till 60’s respectively.

The Essentials

Here are some essential items to include in your Costa Rica rainy season packing list. These will protect all your devices and personal belongings from water damage, especially if you are trapped in a rainstorm.

1. Rain Jacket    

This is a must-have item. If you visit Arenal and it rains, you’ll get completely soaked to the skin. Because you’ll need it, bring a good rain jacket, windbreaker, or shell. I can confirm that North Face is a great rain jacket brand in case you wanted to know.

2. Flashlight

It is typical for the electricity to be out for hours at a time during the rainy season. Walking at night can be a little worrisome because not all streetlights are well lighted, and it gets dark at 6 p.m. every day. Just in case, bring a flashlight as it will be quite helpful.

3. Waterproof/Water-Resistant Clothing

Since most laundry facilities in Costa Rica do not have dryers, it is preferable to bring garments that are quick to dry or water-resistant. It will also be easier to dry while you are staying in a hotel and do not have access to a dryer.

4. Quick Dry Towel

Bring a light, quick-dry towel with you so that if you get caught in a downpour, you can grab it out of your waterproof bag and dry it off when you’re inside. Use it as a beach towel to keep you dry when it starts to rain. Use it to wipe the sweat off your brow while trekking in the national parks.

5. Hiking Shoes

Rainstorms are typical throughout the rainy season, so having a good pair of hiking shoes makes it very easy to move from land to water and vice versa.

6. Waterproof Backpack

A waterproof backpack is highly important for travelers in case of rainy weather. It’s because everything might soak up including lunch, map, flashlights, and more. Therefore, make sure to purchase a waterproof backpack for a safe trip.

7. Plastic Bags

When you need to wrap dirty shoes, collect dirty or wet garments, or wrap your backpack or luggage, this is a must-have item. Extra protection for your electronics is also a plus.

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