Traveling To Costa Rica During COVID-19

Finally, on November first, Costa Rica will open borders to all United States, and flights between the two countries will start going back to normal. But, is it safe to come to Costa Rica during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As long as you follow up with security protocols, take care of yourself, wear a mask in public places, and avoid staying in crowded places, there is nothing to fear and a lot to enjoy.

The contagious rate in Costa Rica is proportionally low; the people are aware of protocols and the measures taken to stop the spread. 

What do US authorities say about traveling to Costa Rica?

What do US authorities say about traveling to Costa Rica?
Official Twitter Account:

Due to the Coronavirus; Travel State Office has been emitting alerts like the one below for almost all countries:

If you decide to travel to Costa Rica:

Does Costa Rica have a robust health system?

Yes, the country has one of the vigorous and steady health systems in the world. It counts with 1043 Ebais, which are small clinics for basic. It also has around 30 hospitals within the seven provinces and high qualified personal working at them.

All the data above is related to the public health system; nonetheless, there is private hospitals small and big size in all the providences. There is no doubt; if by any chance you get sick, you will receive all the help need it.

COVID-19: Official Protocol to arrive in Costa Rica without issues.

COVID-19: Official Protocol to arrive in Costa Rica without issues.​

Coronavirus got here to change the way we used to do everything. It changed the way we live, the way we relate, the way we work, and of course, the way we travel.

However, after a few months of border closed and to see the airports without travelers, countries are star opening their borders with some regulations and protocols. Costa Rica is not an exception to this. Let’s get to know what is the protocols and the rules to enter Costa Rica.

Requirements to do before getting to Costa Rica:

1. PCR COVID-19 Test Prior Landing Here

You must take a COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours before flying to Costa Rica. Please note if your PCR test is positive, you should get medical attention, and unfortunately, you cannot take your flight. Keep the PCR test result with you; migration and health personal would be asking for it at the airport and again; without it, you cannot travel.

2. Get travel insurance!

You may get the insurance at a local company or in your country. You must make sure the insurance is for international travel, and it has a coverage of $20.000 for health expenses and $4.000 for accommodation as a minimum.

Not having international travel insurance with you when getting here; might make you get one here. And believe me, in Costa Rica, this insurance is expensive; do not forget to get yours in the USA.

3. Fill out the form to check your health history 

You may access the Ministerio de Salud form here. Please note if you don’t complete that or submit fake information, you won’t be eligible to enter Costa Rica.


How to monitor border status during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

You may get the latest information about the conditions of the border either at the airport profiles or with the Ministerio de Migracion y Extranjeria.

Costa Rica has only two International Airports, and here you may check their official profiles and account on social media platforms:

Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO): Facebook Page | Official Website

Liberia International Airport (LIR): Instagram Account | Facebook Page | Official Website

Unfortunately, none of the airports have an English social media profile or account and do not have an official Twitter Profile. However, their official websites have an English version.

Ministerio de Migracion y Extrangeria de Costa Rica Twitter Profile | Official website

What you can do in case you need to check information from one of those profiles is to use Google Translator to get the post in your language.

Once you are at the airport:

Once you are at the airport:

1. Qualify Health Personal will measure your temperature 

If your temperature it’s higher than 38 Celcius / 100.4 Fahrenheit, you will take you to a living room to monitor the situation and to take a second temperature measure. 

2. Follow the floor signs.

You will notice signs all over the place, indicating where to wait when queuing or waiting for luggage. Those lines placed there; are to avoid crowds.

3. Wear your mask.

Due to Ministerio de Salud’s instruction, you must wear your mask at all times while at the airport or while going to your destination by public transportation or taxi.

Once you get to your hotel destination, all the lines and checks are going to be in the past. It will be time for you to relax and to enjoy your vacation.

Traveling to Costa Rica during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Frequently Asked Questions.

To follow up on the established protocols, to avoid crowded places, keep your hands clean, wear a mask while in public places.

According to the OMS and the Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica, you should wear a mask whenever you are in a public place, from a shopping mall to a bus stop, you must wear a mask to protect yourself and those around you.

According to the scientific community and health organizations, food does not provide an appropriate ambiance for the virus to survive. However, if you are buying fruits or vegetables is better to wash them before storage or consuming to lower risks.

Unfortunately, not yet; pharmaceutics companies in different countries are currently working 24/7 to get the vaccine done and safe. As soon as there is a safe vaccine to fight the Coronavirus, I do not doubt that news will be one of the most relevant headlines of the year.

The answer to this question can vary a lot:

  1. If you receive an order from Ministerio de Salud to stay in quarantine, the answer is yes; you must stay at your hotel or apartment for that time frame.
  2. If you were around to someone who has Covid-19 and you are not sure about your situation, you should take a PCR test and wait in your hotel or apartment until you get the results.

When it comes to COVID-19; taking care of the others is taking care of you, be honest and conscious with yourself and the potential risks and situation you face every day, and take care of you all the time.

Yes, being near to asymptomatic people is one of the highest risks you will face when going out of your house.

It is one of the main reasons why you must wear a mask when you are in a public place and also why you must avoid crowded places.

I hope these lines help you with your trip to Costa Rica during winter or the holidays. If you have any feedback, please comment below and help me to improve.

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