Top 5 Things to Include in Your Itinerary

Top 5 Things to Include in Your Itinerary

When it comes to traveling, it’s essential to create your itinerary and read it thoroughly before going on a trip. It’s a great plan to create a custom itinerary however, there are certain important things you need to put in your itinerary to not miss any necessary detail. Those things are mentioned below.

1. Information Regarding Travel to And from Your Destination

The first and foremost thing is to have information regarding the destinations from where you will depart and where you’ll land. The information includes:

  • Address of the airport from where you’ll departure and where you’ll land
  • The name of the airline
  • The approximate cost of return
  • Full name of the passengers going for traveling as per their passports
  • Flight numbers
  • Flight dates and time
  • Flight schedule
  • Airline helpline number
  • The information regarding the cost of tickets you purchased, receipts, and any confirmations you received.
  • Name of the website you used for booking, name, and phone number of the travel agent
  • If having a rental car, then information on its cost, reservation, insurance, whether personal or rental

2. Lodging Information

Next, you’ll need information regarding the hotels or any place you’ll be staying, its cost, expenses, timings, and others. This includes:

  • The address of the home, or hotel you are living
  • Phone number of home or hotel where you will be living
  • Cost of spending for a stay in your desired location
  • Confirmation numbers
  • If booking, then the name of the agent, website, and contact number

3. Information Regarding Your Day Trip

This section is extremely important as it will be covering information regarding the places you’ll visit and expenses you’ll cover during the days of your trip. This includes:

  • The restaurants you’ll visit along with their address, phone number, website, and email.
  • Information regarding buses, taxi, or a train you’ll catch.
  • Information regarding the address, website, phone number, and map location of places you’ll visit including museums, cinemas, malls, stores, and other tourism spots.
  • Information regarding hotels if in case you want to change it.
  • Expenses you’ll cover due to vehicles
  • The time and date of when your tour will end

4. Health Information

If you are someone suffering from a disease, blood pressure, is pregnant or even if you are a normal person with no issues, you’ll still need to have medical information included. This includes:

  • Name, address, phone number, website (if any) of hospitals near the area where you are staying
  • History regarding the medications you are taking (if any)
  • Name and price of medicines you use (if any)
  • Your driving license, your photograph, and a passport copy. (if in case you get lost or suffer accidents). This information will help people find you and return you to safety.
  • Brief information regarding your medical history.

5. Home Country Information

Lastly, you’ll need information regarding the place from where you came.

  • Name of the airline, their phone number, address, email, and website.
  • Name of the airport, their phone number, address, email, and website.
  • Your home address and phone number of your family member or anyone you know
  • Address and phone number of your country’s local embassy

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