Is Costa Rica Open to Travel?

The country Costa Rica, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, fascinating national parks, and wildlife, is now open to travel. It opened back in November 2020 for everyone including all the states of the United States (US) and Washington D.C. along with international travel. However, certain restrictions are there to be followed.

Requirements for The People of States to Enter Costa Rica

  1. US citizens can travel to Costa Rica through air flights departing from the US and by land border crossing.
  2. Proof of medical insurance policy, a health pass, and for international insurance, an international certificate in English and Spanish is necessary to be presented before traveling to Costa Rica.
  3. A valid passport, with proof that the stay of the tourist will be for 90 days and no more than that. A stay for more than 90 days is not allowed due to COVID-19.
  4. The US citizens having either a temporary or permanent resident of Costa Rica must present the following documentations:
  5. A valid passport.
  6. A valid DIMEX (Documento De Identidad Migratorio Para Extranjeros).
  7. Evidence of up-to-date Caja payments.
  8. A Completed Health pass.

People with Costa Rica residency not having evidence of Caja payments can still enter Costa Rica, however, they are required to be updated with payments with the period of 22 days. Also, they should purchase health insurance in case of COVID-19.

  1. No need to provide a negative COVID-19 test. However, if you are declared COVID-19 positive, you’ll have to be quarantined for 10-14 days. If you are COVID-19 negative, no need to be quarantined.
  2. A digital epidemiological form presented while entering Costa Rica must be filled.
  3. All the tourists can drive in Costa Rica using the driving license for 90 days and no further than that.

Airports Information

As per airports are concerned, certain areas of the US are offering commercial flights to travel to multiple cities of the US. Only two international air flights are offering a visit to Costa Rica. That is “Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose (SJO)”, and “Daniel Oduber Quiros Airport in Liberia (LIR)” respectively. To know information about the international flights, visit:

f you are a passenger traveling with pets, you need to consult the airline directly regarding the availability of space along with pricing. To learn more about the US entering pets into Costa Rica, visit here. 

Travel Insurance

For traveling to Costa Rica, you must have traveling insurance. Firstly, you must complete the health pass offered online on the health pass website at Next, travel insurance offered by any international insurance company is necessary containing:

  • A valid stay in Costa Rica for 90 days
  • Medical expenses of $50,000 (covering COVID-19)
  • Lodging expenses of $2000 (covering COVID-19)

Also, a request to get a certificate or letter from the insurance company in English and Spanish is necessary. It must indicate the following:

  • Name of the Traveler
  • Guarantee of medical expenses ($50,000) and minimum covering of lodging expenses ($2000)
  • Policy covering effective travel dates
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