Sunset at San Jose, Costa Rica

What to expect if you take a vacation in Costa Rica?

I will say; You will be amazed about all the new and unique things that you will see in the best tropical places to visit, such as rivers or beautiful beaches, and completely different experiences with the local food. At the same time, you can enjoy easy-going exotic travel destinations when taking your vacation in Costa Rica.

San Jose, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica

All those emotions will come, without forgetting the fact that once you spend one day here, you will have the strongest desire to stay in Costa Rica forever. Don’t think about it twice; give it a try and experience it by yourself, one of the best tropical countries!

It’s People and Culture!

As of today, the population in Costa Rica is around 5 million, and it is said that; 1 million out of those 5 are immigrants in majority from Nicaragua. However, you may also find people from Colombia, Panama, Belice, Venezuela, among some other Latin American countries, and you may find a large American colony living in the country. 

That only means one thing, the place has a rich mix culture, and this only makes it a more exotic experience. People are usually friendly and helpful, and it’s not a casualty; the country has been into the list of the happiest countries in the world on several occasions. 

So if you get lost while traveling, you may ask for directions or information to local people without risks, or if you want, you can make new “Pura Vida” friends; this is the place to go!.

Costa Rica National Futbol Soccer Team Fans
Costa Rica National Futbol Soccer Team Fans

Football Soccer Game Experience!

People’s passion for football soccer; is a real thing here; you only have to take a look at stadiums, bars, and restaurants when “La Sele” or some of the biggest teams of the national league such as “Heredia” “La Liga” or “Saprissa” plays. Once you listen to the stadium roar, you will understand the live this under their skin.

If during your visit, there is a football match and you are a fan, I will recommend you to try to go to the stadium (tickets are not expensive) or have a drink and something to eat in a bar with the locals; you will have a hell of a time.

Easy and friendly communication!

Spanish is the primary language; however, this won’t be an issue if you are visiting the country since +10% of the population speaks, writes, and reads English. 

Portuguese is another language that might be easy to speak with Costa Rican’s; this is due to the high quality and public education system and for all the available jobs in companies such as Amazon.

Plaza de la Cultura, San Jose, Costa Rica

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Costa Rica!

Costa Rica; is located in Central America; it’s a small country considering it has a land area of 51,060 square kilometers (19,714 square miles). To diggest this better, Costa Rica is about eight times smaller than California.

Nicaragua is the northern border; Panama it’s the southern border also borders the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

How is geographically Costa Rica?

Its tallest mountain; reaches 3,819 meters (12,530 ft); it’s called Cerro Chirripo; the highest volcano in the country is the Irazu (3,431 m or 11,257 ft), and the largest lake is the Arenal Lake. 

But this is not all; Costa Rica has fascinating places like Tropical Forest. 4 active volcanoes, 32 National Parks, +50 Private Forest, which people can visit.

And if you are more of a beach person, the Pacific and Caribean Coast offers an enormous amount of tropical beaches. You will need months to visit all; there are more than 600 beaches on its coasts; that is a lot of beach time!

Costa Rica Rainforest Resorts and National Parks

Costa Rica; is also known for its focus on auto sustainable

and friendly environment policies for everything. It is one of the reasons why +25% of the territory are national parks or private forest protected areas. 

Within these National Parks, you may find Tropical Rainforest, Paramos, Mangroves, Dry Tropical Forest, Wetlands, among some others. The country has 6% of the global biodiversity, with +500K species living in just 51K km2. With this in mind, there is no doubt once you get here, things are going to get wild!

Cloud Forest, Santa Elena, Costa Rica
Cloud Forest, Santa Elena, Costa Rica

About all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica, there are many options available; for all kinds of getaway. No matter if you are looking for all-inclusive resorts or cheap beach vacations. Whatever it is, you will find it in the variety of Costa Rica hotels.

How is the weather in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a Tropical climate with two defined seasons; however, depending on the providence, you may experience a different micro-climate.

For example: at San Carlos, Alajuela, or Monte Verde, Puntarenas. No matter if we are in the dry or summer season, if you are at any of those two places, it will rain at any moment during the day; after the rain, the sun might come out again, and later on, it might rain again.

But even if it rains, you still have the opportunity to have a great time there.

Seasons in Costa Rica?

There are only two seasons in the country:

Dry or Summer Season; goes from December to April, being March and April the hottest months of the year, hitting temperatures of 102.2 Fahrenheit with a high volume of humidity on the coasts.

Rainy or Winter Season; goes from May to November. May is a transition month due to this; it does not rain every day; however, as the calendar goes by, the rain increases a lot.

5 Main Reasons To Go Jaco To Beach
Jaco Beach

Costa Rica has a lot of different things to offer. No matter what type of vacation, no matter if you are looking for an adventurous trip, a relaxing getaway, a fun trip, a romantic weekend, a beautiful and calm beach for you and the kids, this country has it. Don’t be afraid, give it a try, and; I promise you, there won’t be regrets.

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