Ponderosa Adventure Park

Safari Tour at Ponderosa Adventure Park

Are you ready for some adventure with wildlife? Well, then Ponderosa adventure park is the place for you. Ponderosa Park is a unique safari-style adventure park, offering a lot of sightseeing, adventure activities, animals of different species, tours including safari, canopy, waterfall tour, and more to the public of any age group. It’s located in EI Salto, the southern city of Liberia, in Costa Rica and the area it covers is approximately 100 hectares.

Let us find out more about this park below.

Giraffe at Ponderosa Adventure Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Wildlife and Fun Activities 

When you visit this park, you will be delighted by the sight right Infront of you. You will find amazing wildlife, natural beauty, transport to give you tours, waterfalls, and more. As far as activities are concerned, this park offers a variety of them to entertain their guests. Some of the activities include:

  • Kayak and La Perla waterfall
  • Horse-back riding
  • Canopy
  • Pool area
  • Fun Interaction with exotic animals
  • Birds Watching
  • Dinghy boats riding
  • Camping
  • And much more

As per its data, it has about 297 animals including zebras, giraffes, goats, Ostrich, camels, deer, and more. When you visit this park, you’ll feel as if you entered into a safari as the atmosphere is almost the same. Plus, the interaction with exotic animals makes it even more fun.


There are about six types of tours available in this park. These include:

  • Safari Tour
  • Waterfall tour
  • Full-Day Tour
  • Half-Day Tour
  • Day Pass Promotion
  • Kayak Tour

The tours that are offered last depending upon the area, type of tour, and the type of transport chosen. If you want a tour of the entire park, then it will last for about 3 hours including tickets, transport, fun activities, sightseeing and more.

Ponderosa Adventure Park: Tickets and Pricing

The tickets to Ponderosa adventure park can be purchased either from the main entrance or online. You can also reserve a tour online and show its details at the main entrance. Details are as follows.

  • Full-day Tour: For a full-day tour, the ticket price for a child within the age bracket (6-12 years) will cost $56, and for an adult (13 years and above) it will cost $63, and lunch for $12, respectively. The total full-day tour price per person would be $75 for a single day covering activities, lunch, every tour the park has to offer, and more.
  • Half-day Tour: The ticket price for half-day per person costs $60 covering only safari and La Perla waterfall tour. The ticket price for an adult (13 years and above) will be $48 and for the child in the age bracket (4-12 years) will be $40.
  • Safari Tour: The ticket price for a Safari tour is $35 for adults (13 years and above) and $28 for a child in the age bracket (4-12 years) consisting only safari tour. If you want lunch, it will be $12 extra.
  • Promotion Day Pass: This ticket offers all the activities you can cover throughout the day including lunch. The ticket price for adults (13 years and above) is $59.99 and for the child (4-12 years) $49.99 respectively.
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