Malpais Beach - Summer - Guanacaste

Malpaís Beach Costa Rica: The Surf Paradise

Costa Rica is highly famous for its fascinating beaches offering wonderful sightseeing, white sands surrounded by rocks, amazing atmosphere, and sparkling view of the oceans.The beaches of Costa Rica are among the best-known beaches by the surf population. That being said, if you are a fan of surfing, then Malpaís beach is for you.

About Malpaís Beach

The Malpaís beach is known as the surf paradise of Costa Rica. It offers consistent waves, a peaceful environment, a wonderful atmosphere, and a wide range of restaurants, cafes, hotels around it, making it a must place to visit. Since Malpaís is quite a small community, you’ll find fewer distractions, allowing you to fully enjoy surfing and sightseeing with ease.

The landscape is astonishing, having a diversity of waves, rocky beaches, sand-covered with seashells, and amazing volcanic formations alongside the coast area of this landscape. The interesting thing about Malpaís is that it translates to “bad country” in Spanish, however, it’s the opposite in real life.

Activities to do in Malpaís 

Surfing at Malpais Beach in Costa Rica

There are many activities to do and enjoy during your visit to Malpaís beach. The most famous activity is of course “surfing” for which you should have your surfing board prepared. If you don’t have it in case, then no worries, as the place includes surfing shops for you to buy one.

Other than surfing, you can do sport fishing, scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkeling, collecting seashells, building sandcastles with friends and family, and more. If you enjoy land-based activities, then you can go horse riding, hiking, canopy touring, quad biking, and more. In Malpaís beach, you’ll also see a glimpse of sea turtles, enjoying the beach as well. As far as relaxation is concerned, you can also sunbathe, do a picnic, or simply view the beautiful sights of this beach.

There is also bird watching quite famous in this area. This is because, Malpaís is home to a variety of birds that are coastal and migratory including falcons, kingfishers, and scarlet macaws.

Nightlife on Malpaís Beach

Just like the daytime, nighttime is also quite enjoyable. You’ll find partying, clubbing, and bars right on the beach at night. You can also have a romantic evening on this spot since the place consists of tide pools, reefs, and secluded coves. This place is a mixture of peace alongside luxury due to restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels around the beach.

How to Reach this beautiful place? 

To reach the Malpaís beach, you have two options. The first option is to catch a ferry from Puntarenas city to Paquera where you can either drive your way through a car or simply catch a bus. The second one is to simply take a domestic flight from the international airport of San Jose, or from Pavas international airport to the Tambor Domestic Airport. Once you reached the Tambor Domestic Airport, simply call a taxi, and use it to visit Malpaís Beach.

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