Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Liberia City, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Liberia is a city located on the Northern side of the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This city is quite famous for tourism consisting of all the beautiful and fascinating places to explore. The city comes with rich history and consists of some of the best beaches located in Costa Rica. The beaches are known as “Guanacaste’s Gold Coast” offer excellent views, a peaceful atmosphere, a sparkling ocean, and a friendly environment. Here, you can enjoy sport fishing, scuba diving, making sandcastles, taking pictures, having a sunbath or a swim in the ocean, and more.

Let’s find out more about this city:

Liberia is the center of the tourism industry of this country and transportation hub to several nearby tourism spots (natural parks, wildlife, resorts). Its “Guanacaste” area has been declared as a “UNESCO World Heritage site” back in 1999 which got extended till 2004. It was founded on 3rd September 1836 given the name “Ciudad de Guanacaste” which means the city of Guanacaste. The city is also offered a nickname “la Ciudad Blanca” which means the white city. This is due to the white gravel that was once used to make this city road and whitewashed colonial homes that made a huge part of this city.


There are no railroads that serve this city and it’s a home of an international airport. Also, you’ll find a central park, national parks, and beautiful white sand beaches where you can enjoy sightseeing, surfing, scuba diving, and more.

Staying in Liberia, City of Costa Rica

Liberia has a population of more than 50,000 people. It is a perfect place for a day trip, camping, and to spend a longer vacation. Its location makes it ideal for sightseeing, exploration, and excursions. Despite that Liberia has a high crime rate, tourists often report it as a safe city. As for tourism, many tourists love getting street food like “Jugo de Caña (a sugar cane juice) and Copos (snow cones). The beaches in “Guanacaste’s Gold Coast” are a must-visit. Beaches here are superb, white sandy beaches backed by rocks and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and towering volcanoes. If you love some sport fishing, you should visit Playa Hermosa which consists of black sand that looks great when you see it in person. As far as the city’s greenery is concerned, it’s covered with lush and richly forested mountains that are full of biodiversity. If you are a tropical person, then “Rincón de la Viejanational park is a must. It’s the only dry tropical forest in this city. The parks here allow hiking, horse riding, hot springs, mud pools, and more.


As per the food is concerned, Liberian cuisine is very popular in Costa Rica and serves rich traditional culinary traditions. They consist of dishes such as Gallo Pinto (served as breakfast), Casado, tamal, and rice with milk. The place contains restaurants and cafes serving Indian, italic, Mexican, French, Latin, fast food, and seafood of various kinds. Experience delicious Costa Rican foods and dishes with the best tropical scenery Guanacaste.

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