Can you see Sloths in Costa Rica?

If you come to Costa Rica and see the beautiful sights of Costa Rica, It’s impossible not to spot Sloths. Sloths have become the country’s symbol due to their snuggly figure, adorable face, and cute gestures. If you wish to see them during your trip to Costa Rica, you need to do a bit of research for example: which areas do they appear? Which trees do they like to be at? Etc.

Sloths in Costa Rica

Slots are common in Costa Rica; however, they aren’t common enough for you to see them everywhere. They camouflage themselves so well, that you might even pass through them without even noticing. But don’t worry, our research will help you find them in no time. See the details below.

Types of Slots

When you make a trip to Costa Rica, you’ll find two types of Sloths.

Two Fingered Sloths:

These sloths are hard to find. They have two toes on each foot along with curved claws. However, their hind feet consist of three toes. Their feet soles have no hair, they are larger, and their snout is quite long. They sleep a lot.

Three Fingered Sloths:

Unlike two-fingered sloths, they are easy to find and are quite common. All of their feet include three fingers along with long claws. Their head is round, and their nose is small. Their sleep time is 15 hours, rest active most of the time.

Where to Find Sloths

Like I mentioned previously, they aren’t common enough to be seen everywhere in Costa Rica. However, there are a few places where you can easily spot them. The places are:

These places have lush greenery, and are humid rain forest areas, making the sloths never feel hungry. The reason why sloths exist here because food is always available here for them. On the contrary, you’ll never find them in Guanacaste because the place has a dry tropical forest, making it hard for sloths to find food.

How to Spot a Sloth?

To spot a sloth, the best way is to contact a naturalist and take their guidelines. Sloths are brilliant in camouflaging themselves, making it difficult for others to spot them. Naturalists, however, are trained professionals, having equipment such as binoculars and telescopes to spot sloths in no time.

Other Places to Find Sloths

If you are interested in finding a sloth and do not want to work hard to spot one, I’ll suggest you should visit a sanctuary or a wildlife refuge. There, you’ll find sloths of all kinds. Keep in mind that Costa Rica does not allow individuals either locals or foreign visitors to ever touch, pet, or hold a Sloth. This is because sloths get irritated very easily when they are held and since they are sensitive, there is a possibility that humans may transfer bacteria, germs, disease to these animals, causing their death.

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