5 Reasons Why Costa Rican Coffee Is the Best

Costa Rica is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This delightful country has a lot to offer its visitors, including mesmerizing natural views, gardens, parks, beaches, wonderful food, superb service, and one of the best coffees in the world. If you enjoy coffee, you may be asking what makes Costa Ricans so special, and the truth is that there are a variety of factors at play. Among those factors, is their “Coffee” that’s right!!! Costa Rican coffee is the best coffee in the world due to various reasons.

Below, we’ll go over some of the fantastic reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the greatest in the world!!!!

Why Costa Rican Coffee Is the Best?

If you’re considering a trip to this lovely place, or if you’re currently there, don’t miss out on the chance to drink some great coffee. The following are some of the reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the best:

1. It’s Illegal to have Bad Coffee 

Costa Rica is the only place in the world were producing any sort of coffee other than 100% Arabica (the finest quality of coffee beans) is technically banned. In 1989, a regulation forbidding the cultivation of low-quality beans was enacted, pushing Costa Rican farmers to strive for real greatness. 

Arabica beans are the type that is extremely difficult to grow than others types of coffee beans. When the beans mature, they reach a point where they provide rich, delicious, and exquisite taste, resulting in premium blends. 

People take coffee production seriously in Costa Rica, and that’s because they only want to provide you with the finest quality out there, which is why they produce Arabica coffee beans.

2. Perfect Tropical Weather to Produce Coffee Beans

Another major reason why Costa Rican coffee is the best is because of the weather. Costa Rica is unquestionably a tropical paradise with exceptional weather that is ideal for cultivating Arabica coffee beans. To thrive the highest quality coffee, these beans production require extremely particular circumstances, which of course Costa Rica has thanks to its tropical weather.

They are only two seasons in Costa Rica, which are “dry and rainy.” Both of these are perfect growing conditions for coffee. Furthermore, the soil for plantations is supplemented with volcanic ash, which aids in the oxygenation of the beans, resulting in a stronger taste.

3. Coffee Beans are Always Hand Picked

Costa Rican beans are selected by hand. As per Costa Ricans, gourmet coffee roasters taught them that the key to the greatest brews is not to hurry the process. So only the ripest beans are picked and processed when they pick coffee beans. Coffee beans are treated as unique, distinctive, and full of promise, rather than harvesting every bean from a plant at once. 

Costa Rican farmers are farming in the industry for generations with great pleasure. They ensure that only the greatest tastes are associated with Costa Rica by allowing beans to completely develop first and then go into the market. They ensure that only the ripest beans are picked and processed.

4. The Country’s Got 8 Coffee Growing Regions

Costa Rica has eight separate coffee-growing areas, each with its distinct flavor. Among the eight coffee-growing areas, Tarraz ranks no.1 as it’s one of the most well-known, known for its acidic flavor and strong heavy smells. Brunca has a mild flavor, but Valle Occidental’s beans have a delicate touch of peaches and apricots in them. 

Because of the variety of temperatures and fluctuations in humidity, each area has its particular flavor profile. In short, the country’s unique environment produces a wide range of microclimates and humidity, all of which are ideal for producing various bean types.

In Costa Rica, each of the eight growing areas has its distinct features and is known for different elements of its flavor, allowing you to experience Costa Rican coffee in eight different ways.

5. Healthy Environment

Costa Rica has strict regulations in place to safeguard its natural resources. The strict rules are there to ensure land growing beans are protected and committed to long-term, ethical beans growth. The method of growing the beans is healthy and safe for everyone including the farmers, the environment, and the people to produce the best tasting coffee in the world.


When you’ll visit Costa Rica, you’ll experience some of the amazing flavors of coffee in different varieties. On Costa Rica’s menu, you’ll find light, medium, dark and light-dark coffee with great blends, ensuring a rich taste. So don’t miss out on coffee while your visit to Costa Rica!!!!

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