Jaco beach is one of the most popular destinations and is the best beach in Costa Rica for either Ticos o foreign tourists. This place has a combination of several things that makes it one of the best beach in Costa Rica to visit and the fastest beaches to go to. Let’s take a look at the five main reasons why going to Jaco should be one of the must things to do when you visit Costa Rica.

1. Near to SJO Airport and to San Jose.

View of SJO, Juan Santamaria Airport

The commute is less than 2 hrs. No matter if you are driving or if you are going by bus, the trip usually takes less than 2 hrs, and it worth it.

Once you get there, and you start seeing all the local shops, “sodas” and restaurants, the beach, the sea. All the time spent driving or on the bus will worth it.

How do you get to Jaco Beach driving from SJO Airport?

Once get your car, open the Google Maps App by using this Driving to Jaco Beach Map to get directly there following specific checkpoints and a couple of stops recommendations. You won’t regret it at all.

How to get to Jaco Beach by public transportation?

My best recommendation is to go by bus; (taxis can get expensive in Costa Rica; a trip like this may cost more than $100). So let’s focus on the bus, here you may buy tickets, check the bus schedule, check on the COVID Regulations and Requirements. 

The bus station is at San Jose; you may get there by either regular taxis or Uber. Please note taking an Uber in front of the airport taxis might not be smart (they don’t like each other), but you can cross the street and request your Uber standing at the bus station without any inconvenience. 

No matter how you are going to get to the Jaco Beach bus station, we have created a custom map for you, so you can always check if you are taking the right way; right here, you may access the Map to Get to Terminal 7-10 in San Jose.

How much could an Uber charge from the Airport to Jaco Beach?

Estimated Trip Cost from SJO to Jaco Beach – Sept 2020

Is not that expensive; the equivalent colones amount to USD that appears on the screenshot is $65.00 (according to Sept 2020 currency exchange, however, this may change) if you are traveling with some friend, it will be $32.5 each, and you won’t have to go to the bus station, you won’t have to pay the taxi or Uber to get there.

2. Near to Carara National Park

One of the main attractions of Carara is the opportunity to see the scarlet macaw in their natural habitats; however, you can get see more than this macaw; since the park is the house of more than 350 different birds.

The other key point of Carara is its “Sendero Universal.” Its a sidewalk into the park that allows elders, children, and people with disabilities to enjoy nature. If you are visiting with toddlers or babies, it’s pretty useful; cause you could use the baby trolley in that path.

It is a park that allows families to experience the Tropical Rainforest; if you are at Jaco Beach, reserve one morning to spend in it.

Key points about Carara National Park

  1. Average temperature is 27C, 80.6F
  2. Dryer months are March and April
  3. Rainy months are September, October, and November.
  4. This place counts with a parking lot and bathrooms at the main entrance.
  5. The park has four trails to enjoy, all of them with names (this is a custom in Costa Rica) Las Aráceas, Quebrada Bonita, Laguna Meándrica, and finally, Encuentro de Ecosistemas.
  6. Take a lot of water with you

3. Activities to do at Jaco Beach!

Even though Jaco is a small town, there is a lot to do there; you named it!

  1. Surfing.
  2. Horseback riding.
  3. ATV Tours in the mountains.
  4. Hiking Tours.
  5. Saling to Tortuga Island Tours.
  6. Powered Paraglider.
  7. Rent a bike and ride around the town.
  8. A walk on the beach.
  9. Going to Carara National Park.
  10. Enjoy the sunset.

4. To spend the day exploring the town.

If all the adventure activities were cool, now its time to walk around and enjoy the handcraft souvenirs stores, to have a delicious lobster or maybe a portion of pasta for lunch?

In general, the food is pretty good; I will recommend you to try what Ticos call a “Soda” and to order a “Casado” a hack to get the better “Casado” in town is, ask a taxi driver what is the best Soda to have breakfast or lunch.

You can spend the whole afternoon walking around, but don’t forget to save time to get to the “Ruinas de El Miró” because if you want one of those uniques selfie pictures at sunset, that is the place!

5. Jaco Beach.

It is 4km or 2.5 miles long of clean and dark brown color sand; palm trees align to the coastline between the sand and the closest street to it. The air you breathe here is fresh, pelicans and other sea birds are easy to spot, and a lifeguard team is always during the day, taking care of people, to a lot of people this is best beach in costa rica if you want to have all those benefits in one place.

The sea has sections of high waves which, makes it perfect to practice surf, and there are other sections with lower waves and calm sea. Cars into the beach aren’t allowed; however, as almost the rest of the Costa Rican beaches, you can go with your pets if you want to.

Jaco Beach, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

You can also do the regular things you do at the beach such as putting a sun umbrella in the sand, set up a couple of chairs, bring your cooler, a couple of beers, some sodas for the kids, water (lots of it) and your persona care stuff. You may lay down there to read a book or to nap under the sun without any inconvenience. This beach is another point to take dream pictures with company or selfies.

I hope you love it, and to hear from you; how was your trip, if you have new findings to share with all the community, and if you have any feedback about this post. Thanks a lot, and have a great day!

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I am a 41-year-old Costa Rican hardworking and adventurous father, who enjoys hiking, mountain biking, reading, and taking photographs. I consider nature contact and the time you spend in it is one of the best investments you can ever do!. No matter if you are doing something traditional or something more adventurous, all of us should dedicate some time per month to get into the wild. My intention with this blog is to help you to obtain a fabulous experience when traveling in general or visiting Costa Rica.

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